Exchange / Cancelation Policy

We here at Single J’s and Associates take customer service very seriously, we are one of the few groups that have a policy in place instead of like most groups.

All buy in sales are final. No refunds will be given.

Below if the current exchange policy.

When buying in a pre-sale this means that you are buying directly from the factory instead of a in-between shop for a longer wait and cheaper price.

We here at Single J's will exchange items for the following reasons:

- The item must be in stock for the exchange
- The item must be a complete dud
- No minor defects will be exchanged in the buy ins
- Sequin items will have to be unusable not a few missing sequins or loose ones ect..
- We must approve of the exchange first
- Once approved You must ship the item back to us. We will then ship the items back to you
- We will not exchange due to user error
- You have 7 days to reach out after your package shows delivered for any issues (I'm more lenient on sequin items). Then 7 days after the exchange is approved to ship the items to us

We work hard to assure that only the best items are sent out but sometimes we are unable to check sealed items or we are human and make mistakes!

We pride ourselves in making sure to correct any problems that may arise.


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