- When will our items from a buy in arrive? Each item varies in time on when they will arrive. The average time is 8¬20 days from the date ordered. Unless a item says slow shipped. Or a children/infant Item that gets tested for us compliance before we receive our batches. These times can vary based on Holidays, Customs, Pandemics, or natural disasters.

- Can we combine invoices or shipping? No. Due to the fact that we ship each item right away and do not hold items. Each item is charged shipping upfront and shipped separately. If would choose to wait you can find ready to ship items at a higher priced on the website.

- Can we cancel after the buy in has been ordered? No you can not. Once the order goes in, it belongs to you. Despite any delays. The only way we refund an invoice is if it defective or does not come in.

- How can I find shipping updates on buy ins. www.bitly/singlejshipping use this link here to find shipping updates on buy ins.

- How do I know what I ordered? You can search your Paypal for the emails. alexnjackiesmith@gmail.com. Or make a account on the webpage that will keep track of all your orders.


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